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I’ll still have the wardrobe…

I knew the morning after Aurora was born that I wouldn’t be “coming back.” And I have a random nurse in the Mother-Baby wing at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital to thank for helping me make that decision. I always thought I would come back. For years, I’ve thought that having a “career” would be my ticket … Continue reading

“Rainbow Baby”

A story of pregnancy and loss. “I know you don’t have the right words to say to me when I’ve just told you I’ve lost my baby…

My Busy Morning

With so many changes happening in our household, I thought it would be nice to carve out 20 minutes for me today and enjoy some “bulletproof coffee.” Then I’ll get to work on being productive today. Xoxo, Sophaloaf XOXO Sophaloaf

Forever Friends

My mom introduced me to this term “forever friends” when I was first moving to New York. I have always had many acquaintances but my circle of actual friends was very small. Truth be told, I liked it that way. Sure, I was sad I never got invited to any fancy parties or anything in high … Continue reading

Ain’t no doughnut like a Golden Donut…

…or a Paula’s Donut if you’re in Buffalo, New York. I suppose it’s necessary to pay homage to both seeing as I’ve eaten and enjoyed many different donuts from each place. I just have a special place in my heart for the Golden Donut in Orcutt, California. The Golden Donut is in your typical suburban … Continue reading

Sugar Skulls Two

Shit was difficult today at work. Especially when you look like this. There was a costume contest at the office. And there were so many cool costumes that I’m sure I didn’t win anything. But I never do. So I can’t complain. But I will. And I wear a headset all day. All day. Did … Continue reading

Sugar Skulls

Just thought I would quickly share my first dry run of my Halloween costume. Enjoy. More to come later.

What do French kids eat?

Does anyone remember this book? “French Women Don’t Get Fat”  It became a “thing” the year after I graduated high school. Or rather it became a thing in my house. Coming from a family that was very centered on food for family occasions i.e. holidays, birthdays, it was surprising to me to read a book … Continue reading

It’s not even Lent.

And I’m really not all that Catholic. Well, sort of. Yes, I was born and raised Catholic. I was an altar server. (I loved being the center of attention and went I lit the candles before Mass…I was.) I sang in the choir. (I loved being the center of attention…and for a few songs, I … Continue reading

Vacations and our friend, “Mark”

Michael and I are taking a very belated honeymoon (a year and a half later) to Costa Rica on January 25th. Obviously, we are excited to be taking this trip; it’s the only trip that we will have taken that’s “just because.” We have always gone places because we either needed to see my little … Continue reading


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