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Creamy Tomato Sherry Soup with Smoked Gouda Pull-Apart Bread

As Hurricane Joaquin hits the East Coast, temperatures drop here in Western New York, making it the perfect, blustery October day. I spent most of the morning in Target (shocker) looking at the many maternity sweaters at my disposal. Oh, the damage I could do in that maternity section. I did happen to purchase my … Continue reading

Butter + Garlic

Few things in the kitchen make me feel more like a professional chef than butter and garlic. I don’t know what it is about these two ingredients that gets me going in the kitchen. As soon as the butter hits the pan, I feel like something amazing is going to happen. You slowly heat the … Continue reading

Sometimes, I make English muffins.

A bit of a story…then a recipe. If you just want the recipe, scroll down. In September 2014, I suggested to my husband that we start eating breakfast every day. I did it as a little start to help us lose some weight. We called it “Slimdown September”. I think it happens when you’re married…you … Continue reading

75 in October?

It was abnormally warm on Tuesday. 75ish. Too warm for fall. It was so abnormally warm that it reminded me of California. See, in Santa Maria, the hottest month always seemed to be October. We chose to get married in California in October for that very reason. (And yet…it rained on our wedding day. Imagine … Continue reading

Apple Pie

In Western New York, the apple reigns supreme in the fall season. I’m serious. There is something about fall that just gets everyone here excited for apples. I mean, we grow really tasty apples. That could be a reason, if not the only reason. There are dozens of “pick your own” apple orchards in Erie … Continue reading

Seafood Pasta with Tomato and Basil-1/11

Seafood Pasta with Tomato and Basil A light pasta dish that is big on fresh, seafood flavor with just a bit of richness…lemon zest adds a zing. Serves 2 (really it’s 2.5…but Michael always gets extra) four ounces* of uncooked spaghetti (you can use gluten-free, if you desire) 8 uncooked, cleaned shrimp, thawed 6 littleneck … Continue reading


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