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Butter + Garlic

Few things in the kitchen make me feel more like a professional chef than butter and garlic.

butter (unsalted, of course) + garlic.

butter (unsalted, of course) + garlic.

I don’t know what it is about these two ingredients that gets me going in the kitchen. As soon as the butter hits the pan, I feel like something amazing is going to happen. You slowly heat the butter until you can smell a slight nutty scent…of course, I’m going for the brown butter. Fresh cloves of chopped garlic marry with the butter and suddenly, you feel like Ina Garten. Making a roasted chicken dinner for Jeffrey. The sauce is almost done but suddenly, you realize you forgot the thyme so you just waltz out to your Hampton garden and snip some with your fancy garden shears. You add it…just in time. (Pun definitely intended.)

just in...thyme.

just in…thyme.

Reality check.

I actually live in Tonawanda, not the Hamptons and although I’m dressed in all black, I am not Ina Garten in the kitchen. In fact, I’m Sophia and it’s April and here in my neck of the woods, right now thyme grows at the grocery store. So instead of me waltzing out to the garden, I turn around and open my very old fridge, Mark, to grab the thyme I recently purchased at Wegmans (woot woot!) And yes, I may be making a roasted chicken dinner for myself and Racheal, I’m making pan seared salmon for Michael. Michael is my Jeffrey. Well, Racheal was my Jeffrey for this meal as well. I had two Jeffreys that night.

A perfectly salted brown butter garlic sauce with a hint of thyme oven roasted chicken with asparagus and Swiss mashed potatoes. (Recipe to follow!)


Only chicken pictured. Michael ate his salmon too fast.

Now, that’s a meal I would serve to Ina Garten. If only she would come over for dinner.

(And if she did, I would not serve it on an orange plate. I promise to only use white plates, Ina.)





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