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75 in October?

It was abnormally warm on Tuesday.
Too warm for fall.

It was so abnormally warm that it reminded me of California.
See, in Santa Maria, the hottest month always seemed to be October.
We chose to get married in California in October for that very reason.
(And yet…it rained on our wedding day. Imagine that.)

But I was inspired by the warm weather to do something all California-like for lunch.

Like enchilada bowls.
Oh. My. Gawd.
I will always find a way to buy avocados. And they are expensive here.
$2.50 per avocado. Who does that? Obviously, Buffalo.
And I always put half the avocado into each serving of enchilada bowl.

Trust me. More avocado lies under the tomato on the right.

Trust me. More avocado lies under the tomato on the right.

Honestly, the enchilada bowl is super easy to make.
Two servings of rice.
A can of pinto or black beans.
A tomato.
An avocado.
“Sour Cream” (because I used Greek Yogurt.)
Ancho chile powder.
You get the idea…really easy things.
You make them.
And put them in a bowl.
With cilantro.

It’s so easy I didn’t even give you measurements.
Literally make rice, beans, and put things in a bowl.
My husband can make this.
But does he? No, I do the cooking. And the dishwasher does the washing.
I think he’s getting off easy.

I did, however, fanci-fy this buy making some store bought hash browns and crisping them up.
And I put those in the bowl too.
Did that fanci-fy it?
I think so.
You can add salsa if you want.

Basically, the moral of this story:
When the day reminds you of home, cook up some Mexican and crack open a Corona.
Corona? Sure, but what about Tecate, Soph?
You know…if Tecate was available, I would purchase it but it doesn’t get shipped to the snow.



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