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Dear Diary

It’s not even Lent.

And I’m really not all that Catholic.

Well, sort of.

Yes, I was born and raised Catholic.
I was an altar server. (I loved being the center of attention and went I lit the candles before Mass…I was.)
I sang in the choir. (I loved being the center of attention…and for a few songs, I was.)
I did my confirmation. (I did choose a saint name that wasn’t actually a saint. Oops.)
I went to Youth Group. (For the boys, of course.)
I still capitalize “God.” (Catholic school—kindergarten through 12th…never wrote it any other way.)

It’s only September and I’m feeling…lenty. Like I need to give up something. And I’m thinking…


Let’s give up Facebook. You’re on the damn thing too much, Sophia. You haven’t gone as far to download the new messenger app but you’re close…oh, so close. Save yourself. You can’t seem to give up dairy so Facebook is the next best option, right?!

Truth be told, I’m not sure why I feel the need to keep in touch with everyone all the time. I only talk to like six people. My 10 year high school reunion is in 2016 and is anyone going to set something up? Probably not. And, even if it was set up, would I actually fly back to California for it? Probably not. Besides, no one really cares how anyone is doing. We just like seeing the wedding pictures of our old classmates and creeping on ex-boyfriends/girlfriends. Or at least, that’s what I use it for. And…of course, because I’m a self appointed comedian, I update my own status almost four times a day to see how many “likes” it gets. Which is sad.

My own husband doesn’t even like being friends with me on Facebook.

I should read more. Maybe paint? Or work out more often. Fuck, I just ate some pizza while browsing my news feed.

Definitely time to deactivate.




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