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Dear Diary

Vacations and our friend, “Mark”

Michael and I are taking a very belated honeymoon (a year and a half later) to Costa Rica on January 25th. Obviously, we are excited to be taking this trip; it’s the only trip that we will have taken that’s “just because.” We have always gone places because we either needed to see my little sister graduate or we needed to get married. Our trip is lasting nearly two weeks and that is a long time away, especially away from our friend, “Mark.”

“Mark” is our refrigerator. (We named it Mark because it’s the Mark I series by Whirlpool.) It’s insanely old and came with our house so we can’t really complain; free appliances, yo. Mark isn’t the best house guest. His noises at night are loud, ridiculous and he has this bottom part near our floor that falls off daily. He came to us dirty but no matter how much I wash him, he never gets clean. But he does hold all of our food and he keeps it cold…he also makes copious amounts of ice which is fabulous for all the really swanky cocktail parties I have by myself with all my cool friends.

I’m going to use all the food Mark holds over the next two weeks in various dishes so that we don’t have any nasty things when we come back. I’m also going to attempt NOT going to Wegmans (my absolute favorite grocery store shopping experience in the entire world) for the next two weeks. Last night, we had a glorious seafood pasta. Tonight, I made a spinach and ricotta enchilada with a green-chile chipotle sauce. (For dessert, we are having cupcakes from an awesome couture cupcake shop in East Aurora, NY called Firefly Cupcakes.)Tomorrow, red beans and rice with plantain cakes. The next day: asian stirfry vegetables with crispy tofu. Am I making you hungry? Good thing I’m going to share these recipes with you. One a day. Like the multivitamin. Over and out…I’ve got a plate of enchiladas that need my attention.



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