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Dear Diary

“Because of you…

“Because of you, I am slowly but surely becoming the me I have always dreamed of being.”
-Tyler Knott Gregson

A beautiful thought. The people in our lives who are either still here or were before have a hand in helping us become the best versions of ourselves. We learn from the toads we kiss, the friends and enemies, our families both close and distant; each relationship, whether intimate or shallow teaches us more about what we want out of ourselves. Are the lessons always welcomed? No. Are they always useful? Yes, although in their present moment, we sometimes want nothing to do with them. The trick is just to accept them, embrace them, and move on. Store them with memories.

You will use them someday. Today, I reflect on friendship. Of course, looking back, I wish I had done some things differently with the friendships I had either made or destroyed over the years. The toughest part is deciding which ones to strengthen, to mend, and which ones to just let fade away. I look at these individuals and think of how they have shaped me and what I want to become as a person. Who is helping me become the best version of myself? That is the personal mantra for January.



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